About Us

A Letter from Our President

In full transparency, when I first got into public relations over 25 years ago after a long career on the client side, it wasn’t apparent to me how PR was truly impacting the bottom line. So with RpR it was my goal to change that -- and create a new model driven by the intersection of consumer, professional, client service and measurable results so that public relations would be a true business driver.

As I have built the business over the years, I have surrounded myself with both clients and co-workers who are like-minded. My teammates came to RpR looking for something more. They wanted to join an agency that would allow them to grow exponentially, have a sense of ownership and be true entrepreneurs…the spirit of RpR.

We think of ourselves as brand builders. Having worked on legacy brands for nearly 30 years, we believe and have the track record to prove that reinvention is key in making brands succeed. I have not only built a communications agency, but a one-stop brand-building collaborative that consists of the best in digital, professional and marketing communications.

If you love reinvention as much as we do, let's connect.

Cora Rood