We are in the business of influencing people.

RpRi is a social influencer-focused division of RpR. We were founded on the belief that creating and growing strong relationships with key opinion leaders drives business forward. Since our roots are in public relations, we know this better than anyone.

Our team works with thousands of creators across all levels of influence to produce strategic, KPI-driving campaigns that engage, excite and inspire consumers. From activating hundreds of microinfluencers to establishing long-term partnerships with mega influencers, RpRi develops programs that meet your business objectives and brings your brand to life through the people who influence your consumers most.


Strategy, Program Management and Execution

Analytics and Insights

Content Development, Events, Experiential

Influencer Mapping, Vetting and Selection

Contract Negotiation

Retail Integration

Relationship Management, Network Building

Paid Media Amplification and Integration

Mailers, Sampling Programs

Product Co-creation and Consulting

Our experience and offerings are as diverse as our influencer and client partners. The best way to learn more about us and how we can bring your brand’s story to life is to contact us at rpri@rprmc.com